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Monday, 18 May 2009 14:10

So you want to know how to get Digital TV on your boat? Well there are several options. All of which will cost some money by way of equipment and possibly services.

1) First option is to purchase satellite TV and pay for service. This will require a satellite dish andconverter box and you will need to follow the rules set forth in the harbor rules and regulations about mounting a satellite dish. From things I have read, this can be costly from the equipment side and the basic service is a monthly fee.

2) The cheapest option at this point is to purchase an HDTV ready TV and mount a VHF/UHF antenna to your boat.  I have done a lot of research to find out what would be the best possible antenna and able to receive the local channels without looking like some space age contraption. The problem we have at the harbor is that we are approximately 40 miles away from the nearest local stations (broadcasting from Green Bay). This means you will need an attenna capable of reaching that far and it will need to be mounted on top of your boat high enough to reach good signals. I have had some fairly good success with an intenna made by Winegard (MS200). I have realized that various weather conditions play an important factor in the reception and I am currently looking to mount the antenna a little higher than I already have it. Below are some good sites for information to look at on your own. If you want to see my implementation, come by and I will gladly show you (Craig).

Winegard MS200 Antenna - Site sells mounting hardware and other antennas as well. Make sure to get the antenna with a preamplifier to pick up the weaker signals. The Winegard MS2000 is a omnidirectional antenna so it can pick up in all directions no matter which way your boat is facing.This was one of my criteria.

AntennWeb - website all about HD antennas and loads of good information.

Government Site - site setup by the government about the conversion to digital

Digital TV Antenna Reviews - unbiased reviews and ratings of antennas

These sites have been very helpful and have further links to other sites for good information. The key to a good antenna is the distance it can reach due to our location. An antenna rated for 40 miles is necessary for any of the local channels to come through.




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